Morgan Sully DJ
New!: Desert Vibes EP on Perfect Location


In electronic music (and physics, in general), resonance occurs when a system's inherent vibrational (kinetic) energy meets with the vibrational energy of another and small, regular stimulation within this space increases the joint amplitude of their frequency expression together.

Much of my practice is in searching out these resonant frequencies in the the sound, music and ideas I channel.

I believe that there is a massive reharmonization underway right now.

Many systems are collapsing under the weight of ossified, outdated ways of thinking, while at the same time algorithmic subjugation, oppression and a terribly short, planetary attention span are threatening acts of (creative) existence and cultural resistance. We are now seeing swarms and flocks of inter-related mutations - memetic, socio-political and cultural - occurring around the world. Things are noisy.

But we have frequencies that long to be unlocked and my task than - my work - is to connect those frequencies, to make sense, for something better. I hope you like what you hear.

Thanks for reading all this way! Why not check out my EP on the awesome Perfect Location label?

The truth that we build in our groups, our cities, our regions, our countries, will reach full potential if we join with other truths and realize that what is occurring in other parts of the world also is part of human history. - Subcommandante Marcos